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Hello. I essentially just registered here. Long time lurker, first time poster. I've always played Pokemon with a competitive edge but just recently trying to make a name for myself by starting from ground zero and taking some names. That being said I've played every generation of Pokemon and I've followed the competitive scene very closely, so my understanding of mechanics and the meta is informed but I wouldn't say it's well practiced. Anyways, during my time in Pokemon X this is the team that I've resolved to having the most fun playing against my opponents. A team utilizing Mega Manectric and Volt Switch. As read in the recent article and something that's quite noticeable is that physical threats are abound lately (they really always have been), so more often than not I find the abuse of Intimidate to be game-winning most of the time. I will go ahead and show the team, their write ups, then explain how things work in battle, and then you fine folks can help me tune this so to make it the best it can be. This is an on-cartridge team at the moment, so I don't have the benefit of using moves that are impossible currently due to the lack of Pokebank.
The Lineup
[VGC]Voltimidate 310-m[VGC]Voltimidate 130[VGC]Voltimidate 625[VGC]Voltimidate 700[VGC]Voltimidate 706[VGC]Voltimidate 149
[VGC]Voltimidate 310-m
Timid Manectric Manectite
Lightning Rod >  Intimidate
20 HP/252 SpAtt/236 Speed
- Protect
- Overheat
- Volt Switch
- Thunderbolt
The figure head that my team is built around, and just an all around bad-arceus lookin' dog, Mega Manectric. He possesses an excellent mind game that has a wonderful synergy with Gyarados. Before he goes mega I have the opportunity of mind-gaming my opponents in to using bolt attacks in order to get a LR boost, depending on my opponents line up I can lead with Manectric, pop the mega, then Volt Switch to Gyarados giving myself a double intimidate opener on a physical lead, and a resist to any ground attack the opponent may have thrown at Manectric. Speed EVs are set simply to get the jump on a max speed Jolly Garchomp (seeing these a lot), so there is rarely a situation where Volt Switch will not see first go on turn 1.
[VGC]Voltimidate 130
Careful Gyarados Sitrus Berry
252 HP/72 Att/148 Def/36 SpDef
- Protect
- Taunt
- Thunder Wave
- Waterfall
A typical bulky support Gyarados with a little bit of offensive investment to keep him a threat. He's also my primary machine for taunt and T-wave support. I choose to rely on a Sitrus Berry instead of the usual Wacan Berry because I see electric attacks as an opportunity to get Manectric in there with a free boost. I'm choosing to be completely aware of any Pokemon on the field that commonly runs an electric move of any sort. Overall, Gyarados is a tank who takes a good beating before he goes down, and not before paralyzing the opponents entire team. Depending on who his supporting team mates, something nasty is always going to happen when he is active.
[VGC]Voltimidate 625
Adamant Bisharp Expert Belt
252 HP/252 Att/4 SpDef
- Protect
- Brick Break
- Iron Head
- Sucker Punch
A very straight forward Pokemon, Bisharp, but nasty and effective, especially if see an intimidate opener incoming. He's wonderful against physical threats because of high Defense, and the potential to keep my opponents using similar strategies to me in check. It forces my opponent to think twice about opening with Intimidate, and I like that the mere presence of him on my team can create disorientation in the opponents flow.
[VGC]Voltimidate 700
Bold Sylveon Leftovers
Cute Charm
252 HP/252 Def/4 SpAtt
- Calm Mind
- Dazzling Gleam
- Reflect
- Psyshock
Sylveon is my darling diamond in the rough. A massive Special Defense with a bit of a contrasting Defense stat made me run her with Bold, and I gave her a full Defense investment to boot. With Leftovers attached she is pretty burly. A lot of my team possesses a great amount of Special Defense, so while I considered running her with Dual Screens, I felt that simply having Reflect would ensure that physical threats would be rendered almost null if that were the type of team I was facing. After a Calm Mind, STAB Dazzling Gleam and Psyshock are nothing to scoff at, with Dazzling Gleam for a widely un-resisted strong spread move, and Psyshock for a counter option against poison types. Her being reasonably bulky and sporting one of the best defensive types in the game, not only is switching her in easy, but ensuring that she will be around to spread some fairy-like pain is basically a given. Her ability compounds the physical attacking deterrence, as it's a pretty steep chance of becoming attracted. She's female (luckily) as well, so all of those "I only breed for males!" players will be in a rut on how to take her out
Credits for edits - Axe2014 (Psyshock),
[VGC]Voltimidate 706
Modest Goodra Rocky Helmet
252 HP/252 SpAtt/4 Def
- Protect
- Muddy Water
- Flamethrower
- Dragon Pulse
Goodra is one of the two "bulky clean-up sweepers" I run on my team. Going with the theme of keeping physical teams feeling like limp noodles, she runs Gooey and the Rocky Helmet, which most certainly ensures that the following turn will have them fainting. The speed drop is great from Gooey, and I like that she is yet another player on my team that acts as a bit of an attack "deterrence" while sporting massive Special Defense, similar to Sylveon.
[VGC]Voltimidate 149
Adamant Dragonite Weakness Policy
204 HP/252 Att/52 Spee
- Protect
- Rock Slide
- Dragon Claw
- Fire Punch
With great natural defenses and bulk and an amazing ability in Multiscale, not to mention my favorite Pokemon ever, Dragonite is my choice clean-up bulky sweeper. Lately I've been running with the ever-so gimmicky Weakness Policy, as volt switching in to a predicted Rock Slide is just hilarious for Dragonites potential to destroy. Speed EVs are set to 52 in order to outspeed Rotom, given they are neutral speed nature and no speed EVs (usually the case).
The Core
[VGC]Voltimidate 310-m &  [VGC]Voltimidate 130
These two make up the bulk of what goes on in any given match for me. There's a lot of switching between these two for multiple obvious reasons, and occasionally they will be seen side by side as it artificially boosts Gyarados immediate bulk by removing one of his majorly known weaknesses. Spamming intimidates is just a curse on physical teams, and I love watching as my opponents fail to reach any sort of acceptable damage threshold with their uber Garchomps and Blazikens and the sort. These two generally make in to every single match as they are the core for which my team is built upon. Volt Switch is an incredible tool that I'm still to this day learning how to use properly, and I'm making the best effort I can to maximize his switch target options.
Defensive - Offensive Support
[VGC]Voltimidate 625 & [VGC]Voltimidate 700
Generally these two will not see the same arena together, as they are designed to counter different threats and be a different sort of threat themselves. Sylveon achieves excellent spread damage through CM Dazzling Gleam with very little resistance, so she's a good general pick, and she is an excellent switch in on Dragons, aside from the fact that she's an excellent threat to them as well. Bisharp stands as my pinch hitter. I like to run him when I can predict an intimidate opener, or if I'm sure that I'll be dealing with an annoying bulky Fairy type such as Togekiss, Azumarril, or Aromatisse, and even Sylveon. He counters opposing dual screen strategies and Sucker Punch is an incredible priority STAB move especially on Mega Zams.
Late Game Bulky Clean-Up Sweepers
[VGC]Voltimidate 706 & [VGC]Voltimidate 149
I love the Dragon type, despite the addition of Fairy. I think their move pools are always fantastic, giving them the coverage to ensure they have what they need to cover a broad amount of threats, and be a pain in the arceus to remove. These two will not likely ever see the same battlefield, similar to Sylveon and Bisharp. To put it simply, Goodra is my choice for high defensive threats, and Dragonite my choice for teams that aren't carrying battle tank defensive threats. Goodra possesses an amazing amount of bulk that runs quite symmetrical to other threats on my team like Sylveon, and Dragonite has great natural bulk, with (again) move deterrance thanks to Multiscale + Weakness Policy. Dragonite isn't very fast, so activating WP can have Dragonite powering up to OHKO in the very same turn if my opponent isn't careful enough to predict his garments.
Things I'm toying with
I've played a little bit with Umbreon instead of Sylveon and he works as a pretty effective Toxi-Wish wall. He's bulkier than Sylveon but doesn't possess the amazing typing, however, it enhances the "switch" theme of my team because I can use him to pass wishes, and in turn he's a great Volt Switch candidate because of his great defenses, and then I can just Wish and be on my way out, healing the newcomer (Gyarados for another Intimidate, any of the other options for reasons listed). All of this while throwing toxic at anything that is getting in my way and isn't or can't be T-Waved. Main disadvantages include not having nearly the same kind of offensive power as Sylveon. The move loadout I use has only one move, Payback, and it's not really the most effective way to pick off kills.
In Conclusion...
I love that my team has a natural mind game connected to almost every member. Should I thunderbolt Gyarados and risk a Lightning Rod switch in? Should I hit Dragonite hard to avoid taking damage or is he going to get WP'd and KO me back. Will Rocky Helmet damage + the Gooey slowdown endanger my chances of having a healthy next turn? Will Sylveon CC me? Should I bother using a ground attack on Manectric? What if he Volt Switches in to a flyer, or maybe even Goodra for Rocky Helmet damage.
It's all of these things that make me love the idea behind my team. With several meaningful ways to reduce physical teams to dust, there's also a natural specially defensive bulk to a lot of my members creating a versatile and sturdy team of Pokemon that are ready to hit hard where it counts. There's plenty of great Volt Switching options that enable me to make choices on how and who should take the hit. Something to note is that a lot of my EV spreads are very basic right now, and not tailored because I'm trying to be safe. Once I get a lot more rated battles under my belt and I understand my threats are, I'll be able to better tailor those spreads to fit their usage, but right now it's a lot less risky to me to play it safe and I can reset bag if need be.
Again...I've been competitive battling only for a short time now, but I've been playing with a competitive edge ever since generation one, so practical advice is wonderful. I'm also hoping that any advice fits in to the theme of my team (predominantly based on Volt Switching). Thanks for reading guys and I hope this thread will help me make my team awesome.
Credits for Edits!
Ace2014 ( Moonblast+ Psyshock @ Sylveon ),


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